Do you know how to thoroughly secure your home? Do you want more peace of mind knowing that you have done everything that you can do to keep your family safe?

Your home is your sanctuary. It is where you are free to be who you are without judgment. Your home is where you can relax without worry from the outside. Do you know what you can do to keep your home safe from intruders?

Top 10 things that you can do to improve your homes security.


  1. home securityHire a locksmith to perform a security audit on your home. Many local locksmiths offer free security audits as a part of their services. Home security audits will detail the security vulnerabilities of your property and will give you a plan of action to secure your home.
  2. This may sound obvious, but so many people get lazy and simply do not lock their doors when they leave. Always lock your doors no matter what, even if you are planning on being gone for only a couple of minutes because it only takes a thief a couple of minutes to smash and grab a few things from your home.
  3. Install secure exterior doors. There is a big difference between the highest level of residential door construction and just your average residential doors. From the hinges, door jams, to the density of the materials used in the door itself will determine the doors overall security.
  4. Hire a locksmith to install the highest quality deadbolt locks that you can afford. When it comes right down to it the deadbolt lock that you have installed is the single best thing that you can do to secure your home.
  5. Install a home security system. This includes a burglar alarm for when a window is broken or a door is opened. Your deadbolts are your first line of defense and the alarm system is the second line of defense.
  6. Lock the gates on your yard. Let’s face it, thieves are lazy and usually will take the path of least resistance. By securing the gates on your property with padlocks the would be criminal would have to jump the fence, and for a thief anything that requires work is usually just too much effort.
  7. Hide your valuable in difficult places to access because if a criminal cannot even find your valuable he cannot steal them.
  8. Join the neighborhood watch. By joining the neighborhood watch program you will be a part of a network of neighbors that look after each other. As part of the neighborhood watch program do not be afraid to call your neighbor to inquire what is going on at their home.
  9. Install security lights on the exterior of your property. Thieves hate lights because the can be easily seen. Motion lights are a great option because they will be triggered when someone walks by them.
  10. Last but certainly not least, considering getting a dog. It doesn’t matter what dog you get exactly because any dog is sure to make a ruckus in the event that a burglar tries to break into your home. Not all dogs have to be attack dogs, they are great as burglar alarms as well.

Your home is your sanctuary. Follow the steps above for peace of mind!

By being proactive and changing your habits you will be able to rest better at night and while you are away from your home. The combination of all of the above tips will increase your home protection by 10 fold. Start taking action today and feel the difference that it makes.

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