keysYou use them every day, they are apart of your daily routine. As a matter of fact you probably have close to a dozen of them sitting in your pocket right now. Keys. Keys are like the fabric of our lives. They are everywhere, used for just about every lock application that you imagine.

From car keys, house keys, key cards to transponder keys, keys play an essential role in our lives.

After so many centuries of use and with modern technologies why are key still in use today? Because keys are secure, low cost and easy to use! Read on…

Single sided key

The single sided key is the most common type of key commonly used for residential door locks. For many decades the single sided key has been used for padlocks, door keys and safes. Because of its low cost, effectiveness and ease of use the single sided key will continue to be in use for many decades to come.

Double sided key

The double sided key began to take steam in the early 1980’s vehicles. This type of key is twice as secure as a single sided key because of its extra row of teeth. The extra teeth make the lock that uses this kind of key much more difficult to pick.

Four sided key

And then there is the four sided key. The four sided key is perhaps the most extreme kind of standard cut key. As a locksmith I must say that the lock that uses this kind of key is extremely difficult to pick open.

Abloy key

Much more difficult to pick than the four sided key is the abloy key. Many locksmiths have yet to master picking this kind of lock. Many locksmiths cannot pick a tumbler lock, the lock which the abloy key is used. The tumbler lock uses discs instead of pins and does not feature springs within it.

Dimple key

As the name suggests, the dimple key utilizes dimples on the surface of the key where teeth normally would be. Many dimple keys include 10+ dimples that have to align with the inside of the lock in order to unlock it.

Paracentric key

The paracentric key is commonly found within prisons across the United States. This type of lock is difficult to pick and is very secure. Most paracentric keys are about 4 times larger than standard house keys and can be seen dangling from prison guards key rings.

Tubular key

Up now is the tubular key. This kind of key is used in tubular pin locks and is round in shape. Next time that you pass a vending machine lock for the tubular key lock on the face of the machine.

Skeleton key

The old fashioned locks that utilize the so-called skeleton key are typically no longer in use today. Nowadays the skeleton key is a term used for a key that fits numerous locks.

Transponder key

Introducing the transponder key. The transponder key is commonly found on modern automobiles. Most transponder keys look very similar to that of a traditional car key, but they also have planted within it electronics that engage a vehicles ignition system. Without the transponder key even if the thief tried to steal the vehicle they could not.

Key card

Last but certainly not least is the key card. This type of key is found in 99% of all hotels in America. Because of its ease to reprogram and compact design the key card is taking center stage as the favorite key for many commercial property owners.

As you can see there are dozens of different kinds of keys in the world today, and this is just a partial list of several of the most common types of keys! The kind of key and lock that you choose to use is a matter of preference and application. Which key do you like the most? Leave your comments below.

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