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Laser Car Key Cutting San Antonio TexasYou can be certain that you make a statement of style and quality, while also being confident that you are keeping your automotive security up to date, with laser cut keys from a qualified San Anton Locksmith technician. At San Anton Locksmith, we absolutely pride ourselves on our vast commitment to excellence when it comes to creating your quality laser cut car keys. We can assure our customers of this dedication because we are highly committed to using only professionally trained locksmith experts to create new keys for your vehicle.

We are a complete locksmith company in San Antonio, TX staffed by highly trained, expert technicians. All of our automotive locksmiths offer our customers a 24×7 locksmith service, which is both fast and friendly, complete with upfront pricing without any hidden fees. Furthermore, our staff is licensed, bonded, and insured with 5+ years of experience in both foreign and domestic vehicles of all makes and models. You can rest assured knowing that all of our technicians are fast and friendly. Your security and ease of mind are our utmost concern when it comes to laser key cutting.

Give us a call and see if you are within our service distance. We also mandate a 30 minute response time by skilled mobile locksmiths for all locksmith service calls. If you should find yourself in need of a laser cut key in the San Antonio, TX area by fast and friendly, expert technicians, look no further than San Anton Locksmith.

High Tech Security

Laser cut keys, unlike traditional machine cut keys, are actually cut via a laser, as the name implies. The advantage of using a laser cut key over regular car keys is that they are far more precise in their shape and maintain a higher strength by comparison. Locks that are laser cut are known to be more complicated for an unauthorized person to pick or to manipulate the key entry to start your vehicle.

A laser cut key looks very different from a traditional car key. You might notice that a laser cut key is a bit thicker than a standard, machined key. The reason that they are thicker is so that the key can support a deep groove cut. Essentially, a standard non-laser cut key will have notches that are cut out of the side of the key. However, with a laser cut key, a groove, or slit is carved into the key at a regular depth along the center. Typically, a laser cut key will have this groove carved into both sides of the key. This is to create an easier path for your key to be inserted regardless of if the key is upright or downturned – either side will operate correctly. Another interesting advantage to this type of key is that they are far more defined in their shape with more durability in comparison to regular car keys.

Laser Cut Keys for Cars San Antonio TXA large majority of laser cut keys actually contain a type of microchip known as a transponder. A transponder is an added piece of security technology to your laser cut keys. If the transponder chip is not within a specific proximity of your vehicle, the car simply will not start.

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San Anton Locksmith proudly provides 24/7 locksmith services with upfront pricing. If you lose your laser cut car key or it is malfunctioning, call our expert auto locksmiths to get a new laser cut key or fix the transponder in your car key. Our call center is standing by 24/7.

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