Did you just move into a new home? DO you know who has the keys to your home? Have you ever thought about the fact that anyone could have the keys to your property and that you are potentially vulnerable to a home break-in, or worse?

If a burglar enters your home while you are inside odds are they will become violent.

home securityYour home is where you should feel the safest. Would you jeopardize the feeling of safety for the low costs of rekeying the locks on your home? Probably not. Rekeying your locks is the easiest thing that you can do to increase your homes overall security, because who knows if the neighbor has a key, and who knows if the old residents children let other people have the key to your home.

In recent news reports there have been instances of a home being foreclosed on and the old owner reentering the home of the new owner to take things. Don’t let this happen to you! Besides, can you have peace of mind always wondering if you and your family is safe?

For the low costs involved rekeying locks is the logical decision when thinking about home security.

Why replace the whole lock when you can rekey the lock for half as much? Since there are not as many parts involved rekeying locks is the logical decision because you do not have to spend as much money. Saving money is paramount in today’s economy!

Most locksmiths charge around $20-$30 to rekey a lock depending on the amount and type of locks being rekeyed. The low cost of rekeying locks is the most value that you will receive for locksmith services. Rekeying locks is a no brainer!

If your keys are lost rekey your locks because you can never be too safe!

If you have a hectic household (like most families) then you will want to consider rekeying your homes locks every year or so. It’s especially a good idea to rekey your locks after you or another family member loses their keys. You just never know.

That concludes this quick article about rekeying locks. Did you like reading this article? Awesome! Be sure to read all of the other articles on our locksmith blog. See you there!

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