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When it comes to securing your home the most important feature is the residential door lock. If you are thinking about installing new residential door locks then this blog article is for you!
From the keyless entry lock, traditional dead bolt lock, to the knob lock, which lock is best for your particular application and needs?

With hundreds of residential door locks in the marketplace where do you even begin looking? Do you opt to go with the standard deadbolt lock or would you like something a little more unique and install the handle set style lock?

Deadbolt lock – The deadbolt lock is the most common type of residential lock found on the homes of millions of people in the world today. Because of the deadbolts high security, extreme longevity, ease of use and simple application, the deadbolt lock is the locking mechanism of choice for many residential home owners.

Knob lock – Another important door lock is the knob lock. Whether installed on the interior doors or on your homes exterior doors, the knob lock is an important lock that is usually used in combination with a deadbolt lock to secure a door.

Handle set lock – The handle set lock offers a unique look and style not found in knob locks or deadbolt locks. If you want a residential lock that is a little different, yet a lock that can stand the test of time then the handle set lock is for you.

Lever lock – Lever locks offer styling and security unlike any other type of door lock. Because of their high security and affordability the lever lock is a favorite amongst residential and commercial property owners alike.

Keyless entry lock – The keyless entry lock is perfect because you will no longer have to ever worry about losing your house keys again. Best of all is that most keyless entry locks offer the ability to have the combination changed on them offering versatility unlike any other type of residential door lock. The keyless entry lock is a wonderful option for large families!
So many options and that’s what makes choosing new residential door locks fun!

With literally thousands of door lock manufactures located around the world, and endless residential door lock varieties out there, where do you even begin considering choosing a residential door lock that you would like to install on your home? Your best choice is to choose to hire the services of a local locksmith because they will have access to all the top-leading lock manufactures and all of the right tools to install your new residential locks correctly.

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