Panic Bars

Panic Bar San Anton LocksmithCommercial Panic Bar Installation

If you need to install a new crash bar system contact the experts at San Anton Locksmiths. With years of experience we understand the mechanisms of a panic bar better than most and guarantee satisfaction upon installation. San Anton Locksmith is a 24-hour locksmith, and we repair and install exit devices and other push entry systems for commercial clients with a 30 minute response time.

The Purpose of a Panic Bar

Exit devices are an essential part of a building’s emergency system, and will provide reliable and safe exit in the event of fire or other hazard. Businesses are required to be fire compliant by installing the type of emergency exit devices that will work with their property and business type.

If your panic hardware has broken down and needs repair, give us a call. We can replace your existing exit devices and panic bars to ensure optimal use. All of our installation and repair services are done with care. We also perform routine inspection and testing of fire door assemblies. Our technicians can provide scheduled inspection and maintenance to ensure that the exit and panic hardware on interior and exterior doors comply with exit route provisions for your building.

Professional Panic Hardware Services

At San Anton Locksmith, we have a team of well trained and qualified commercial locksmiths. Each of our technicians has 5+ years of experience with panic hardware installation and repair. If you want the most reliable mobile locksmiths in San Antonio and the best prices too, give us a call for complete locksmith service for your business.  Our panic hardware installation and repair experts will install the correct exit device to match the fire code label on your doors.
We install and repair a vast range of door devices, including concealed exit devices, automatic door closers, delayed egress, crash bars, touch bars, surface vertical, push paddles, mortise locks, and more.