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San Antonio Locksmith Questions

The Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Your Favorite Locksmiths

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# 1. Where are you located?

We are locally owned and operated right here in San Antonio, serving our community proudly!


# 2. I had a key made at a hardware store and it doesn’t work..why?

Hardware stores are not professional locksmiths, therefore their products are not guaranteed as ours are. Our machines are routinely calibrated to ensure accurate reproduction of usable keys.

# 3. I have a key marked ||Do Not Duplicate.|| Can I get a copy of it anyway?
Keys marked “Do Not Duplicate,” ” Do Not Copy,” or “Unlawful to Copy” may still be duplicated only if a letter of authorization from the owner or supervisor is presented with the request for duplication. The letter should be on company letterhead and identify the key to be made, the number of keys, the person picking up the keys, and the name and number of the person writing the letter.

Finally, the person picking up the keys will be required to fill out a “Request for Restricted Keys” form. We reserve the right to refuse to duplication request.

# 4. What does it mean to have a key ||made to code||?
All keys are labeled with a number code and if you are aware of your particular number you can simply ask the locksmith to recreate your key by the number, as opposed to coming out and examining the lock in person. This option can save you time and money.

We recommend when you get a new lock that you record the numbers printed on the keys in case of an emergency.

# 5. What is the difference between a rekey and a lock change?
A rekey is often times a necessary step upon possession of a new home or business. This is a simple and quick procedure in which the inner workings of the lock are changed and new keys are issued.

In other cases, if there is any damage to the lock you may require changing the entire mechanism. This is a more involved process, but still a service that we are proud to provide. If you are not sure if you need a rekey or a full lock change, just ask and we will help you determine which option is best for you.

# 6. When you open my car door will you damage the lock?

A botched car opening job can easily cause upwards of $150.00 worth of damage to your door panel. Not to worry!

Thanks to our years of experience and use of the proper tools, we will get you back into your car fast without causing any damage. And, all of our locksmiths are insured in the event of unforeseen problems.


# 7. Do you provide commercial locksmith services?

Yes! We have the tools and expertise to deal with commercial as well as residential locks. Commercial systems can require continual maintenance and repair and we have the latest technologies to guarantee your satisfaction.  Our clients get top notch service and only the best options presented to them for maintaining security!


# 8. How do I know if my locksmith is licensed and certified?

Ask to see their State Government issued Security Employee Licence. Also, most reputable companies will list their Master Security Licence numbers on advertisements, websites, etc.

Making sure your technician is licensed is extremely important to ensure high-quality work, as well as protection in case of any damage to your property or malfunctioning systems.

# 9. How much do services cost?
An experienced and licensed service provider will always save you money in the long run. Our guarantee means we are able to work faster and our products will last longer.

Bottom line, prices vary from service to service but we provide upfront pricing and free estimates on every job.

# 10. What types of locks do you work with?

We work with a wide variety of lock systems including deadbolt, keyless entry, master key systems, panic bars, and Fobs. Depending on your needs we have the tools and ability to help you.

Our company is skilled in lock installation for home, automotive, commercial, and storage facilities. We also work with repairs for antique lock systems. We can even help you decide what type of locks are right for your needs and your budget.