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Mortise Locks Repaired San Antonio TXSan Anton Locksmith provides complete locksmith service in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas. We are the area’s top locksmith for mortise locks in homes and businesses. We also offer locksmith services for vehicles. Our expert technicians and highly trained, mobile locksmiths provide fast and friendly service to our customers. Our locksmiths have more than 5+ years of experience so they can also provide upfront pricing and 24/7 locksmith service to repair broken or damaged locks. We have a response time of less than 30 minutes for all service calls. Whatever your locksmithing needs are, we can provide them. Call us today!

What is a Mortise Lock?

A mortise lock (also known as a mortise deadlock) is a type of lock that necessitates a pocket – or mortise – to be embedded inside the door. They are made up of three main parts: the lock body, the part of the lock installed in the door, and the box keep, which is installed in the door jamb. Such locks are primarily used in older buildings, but have recently made a comeback in commercial and residential properties. Mortise locks are also quite secure as it is very difficult for an intruder to pick the lock and force the door open. The mortise lock system is built within the door so that only the faceplate and door handle are visible.

Installation & Repair of Mortise Locks for Homes

As mentioned in the previous section, mortise locks can provide security to homes as they are much more difficult to pick or force than a regular deadbolt. Having a mortise lock is especially important if your home has many valuables. Also unlike a deadbolt, they can only be opened by a key. Once the key is turned, the lock cannot be disengaged without the key.

However, mortise locks are often difficult to install. They require special tools (such as a mortising jig) and skills (such as woodworking) to accomplish. You can rest assured that our licensed, bonded, and insured locksmiths have these tools and skills on hand and can install and repair mortise locks quickly and efficiently.

You also have many different choices in regards to the design of our locks that best matches your home or decor. We have several types of finishes such as nickel, brass, or chrome. We also offer different styles such as modern, rustic, contemporary, or traditional. You can also mix and match as you like. Say you wanted a modern style mortise with a brass finish. We can do the job however you want for an affordable price. Upfront pricing is always available on all of our services so you will know right away what the job will cost you without waiting.

Install & Repair a Mortise Lock for Your Business

We understand that if you own a business, you want your commercial building to be secure. Mortise locks can provide the security your business needs to protect important assets inside.

As with residential buildings, these locks aren’t easy to install without the expertise of knowing how to make a hole inside a door and doorjamb. Call San Anton Locksmith today and get 24/7 locksmith service from our expert technicians. Our complete locksmith service will get your business set up with our top of the line locks. We only install the best brand name locks, such as Schlage, Emtek, Arrow, and Yale.

As with our San Antonio residential locksmith services, commercial entities can also choose from different finishes and styles for their locks. You can choose between nickel, chrome, or brass for the finishes. In terms of styles, you can choose from modern, rustic, contemporary, or traditional. You can mix and match any way you like.

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If you live in the San Antonio, TX area and need to install or repair a lock in your home or business, call San Anton Locksmith. Our mobile locksmiths
have 5+ years of experience so you know the job is done right. We also work around the clock and provide transparent pricing so anytime you call, we will be here for your locksmith needs.

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