6 practical ways to secure your San Antonio home from Zombie attack

Jun 25, 2018Home Security

San Antonio Emergency LocksmithAlthough several people regard a zombie apocalypse to be something fictitious which would never go beyond the four walls of a television studio, it is quite important that everyone knows how best to protect themselves and their homes in the event this scenario becomes real. If the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention can consider the possibility of a zombie apocalypse happening, then so should you. Below are six practical ways you can keep your home safe during a zombie apocalypse brought to you by our San Antonio locksmith business;

1. Install unbreakable doors:

This is the very first step toward protecting your San Antonio home from invasion during an apocalypse. Although zombies suffer from severe muscle deterioration, their bandwagon mentality can provide them sufficient force to push down an average door. Therefore, it is important to install an unbreakable kick-proof door. Stainless steel doors are one of the best options. These doors are affordable and impenetrable and can stop the undead from gaining entrance into your home and feasting on your brain.

2. Protect your windows:

If the undead finds it difficult to break through your doors, the next place they would aim for is your windows. Therefore, it is essential that your windows are protected. You can do this by installing tempered-glass windows which are used in hurricane zones. These windows are a better option than the single-pane alternative. Also, for added security, ensure to install wrought-iron security bars or reinforce your windows with plywood.

3. Erect tall fences:

In order to keep the undead from even coming close to your windows or doors, you can erect tall fences around your home. The taller these fences are the better. The average height should be between 8-12 feet. This fence can be made of wrought iron (or bricks) and, if possible, should be electrified. Muscle deterioration, which is a feature of the zombie transformation process, will prevent these zombies from being able to scale tall fences.

4. Set traps:

In the event the undead finds a way of breaching your walls, the next best thing to stop their advancement is the use of traps. A good example is the use of pit traps. This can be done by digging several holes in the ground and disguising them with tree branches and leaves. Unaware of the dangers, the zombies can drop into these holes.

5. Stay in remote locations:

Zombies are attracted to areas with a large human population. This is only to be expected as human flesh is their source of sentience. With this in mind, building your home or relocating to remote areas can increase your chances of survival as these areas hold less appeal for the undead.

6. Remove zombie hiding places:

It is important that you keep shrubs and bushes, particularly those close to your windows and doors, low. This vegetation may act as hiding venues for zombies. Also, you can install motion-detecting lights in your garage areas, porch, and carport.