What Is the Cost of a Car Lockout Service in San Antonio?

Nov 5, 2022Car Locksmith

car lockout service in San Antonio

What’s interesting but not too surprising is that around four million people get locked out of their cars every single year. What’s more, is that the number of people locking themselves out of their cars has gone up by at least half of that number over the last year and that’s one of the top reasons you might need a car lockout service in San Antonio.

There’s no telling what is causing that to rise. However, the real issue is how successful people are with getting back into their vehicles and within good time. If you experience a car lockout, it can be stressful, and depending on the time of day, it could result in panic.

Instead of reacting with aggravation or fear, have a reliable locksmith on speed dial to help re-ensure your safety quickly and without worry. Keep reading as we go over everything you need to know about car lockout services in San Antonio and why you’re going to want to make sure you know one.

What Is a Car Lockout Service?

A car lockout service is a service provided to people that have had the unfortunate time of locking themselves out of their vehicle. A car lockout service is basically a locksmith company that can help anyone with a lockout of any vehicle, at any time of day, and within the company’s specified service areas. This could be a car, truck, van, or even a boat if someone needed it and the company offered it.

This can also apply to personal vehicles or vehicles that you use for business. Getting locked out of your vehicle is a common concern and can happen to anyone, and at any time. Car lockout services are easy to use and would start with someone calling in to inquire about or report an issue of being locked out.

The driver will provide the company with information as to where they are and what type of vehicle they’re locked out of including the make, model, and key type. From there, the service is dispatched to the location and usually arrives in a short time frame such as within 30 minutes. The company will provide you with an expected time for arrival so that you’re aware of how long it will take and when to expect them.

A good car lockout service in San Antonio is versatile and offers services that will get you back in your vehicle and on the road with little lag time. Experienced and dependable companies will often offer services such as an on-site key replacement service for a variety of key entry options. This will include traditional keys, transponders, key fobs, etc.

Reliable locksmiths for car door services will offer 24/7 service options as well and this is a good sign that you’ve found a service that understands the importance of being able to regain access to your vehicle in a quick manner. This type of service is something that’s charged per occurrence.

Why Would You Need a Car Lockout Service?

There are several scenarios where you would need a car lockout service in San Antonio. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of why you will find this type of service beneficial.

Your Car Keys Are Lost or Stolen

This is one of the most common reasons people call for a car lockout service in San Antonio. If you lose your car keys you’ll need a locksmith to come and let you into your vehicle and this option is a lot easier than trying to get into your locked car yourself and potentially damaging the car’s locking mechanism, handle, door, or window.

You Need Immediate Access To Your Car Due to an Emergency

Of course, this type of situation will depend on what exactly happened. For example, if you’ve accidentally locked your child or pet in the car or they locked themselves in somehow, with the windows completely up and outside temperatures high, your first call should be emergency services. However, in the case that something like this happens and you have a dependable locksmith that is within very close proximity and outside temperatures aren’t a concern, and the windows are cracked, you could request an immediate response.

What you decide to do will depend on the severity of the situation. An emergency could also be leaving something important in the car that you need right away or if you need to get to another location due to being late for something such as a flight or an event.

Professional locksmith services take every person’s situation seriously and they understand that everyone will have different issues and that every situation is unique. In the case of an emergency and you need to unlock the car fast, having a locksmith on speed dial could give you peace of mind and an immediate option to fixing the problem.

You’ve Locked Yourself Out of Your Car Without an Emergent Situation Present

There are multiple occasions where people leave their keys in the car whether they notice right away or sometime after it happens. While there is no way to keep you from making this mistake, there are ways to help combat the stress of the problem.

Even if there is no imminent emergency at the time you realize you locked yourself out, depending on your location, the time of day, and outside temperatures, these factors could raise significant concern and increase levels of irritation. Keep in mind that crime rates in San Antonio are very high in violent crime categories and this has been consistent for almost the last five years.

Being locked out of your car at night, in an isolated area, or in an area with known rates of high crime can be scary for any driver that can’t access their vehicle. If you have the right source of assistance in mind to help you regain access to your car in the case of a lockout, you can decrease your risk of exposure to potential crime and have a better mindset about your situation.

What makes working with a reputable locksmith in San Antonio even better is that you will receive 24/7 service. This can help to better ensure your safety and give you faster turnaround times for the resolution of your lockout incident.

Your Key Seems to Be Damaged and Isn’t Opening Your Car

This may be a rarer incident but it does happen. Depending on the type of key you have, water submersion and even extreme temperature exposure can damage your key. If your key fob was affected by a heavy impact of something or the battery seems damaged, these things could also cause issues with your key operating as it should.

You have to also consider that general wear and tear of the key is possible and that you may not be able to pinpoint when and if the key will break or become dysfunctional. Having an affordable and fast option to replace your key can also help you to combat a lockout incident.

What Is the General Cost for Car Lockout Service in San Antonio

The general cost for a locksmith may vary slightly but some of the most reliable and responsive service providers will ensure exactly what you need is offered and included. While a service call fee may get added to the cost of the actual lockout service, quick response times are associated with inquiries.

The best part of working with a locksmith service is that your costs will be laid out for you. This means you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees which is often a concern for people that lock themselves out of their vehicles.

These services will often apply to more than cars and trucks as they do include motorcycles as well. For a standard vehicle lockout, the cost estimate could be anywhere from $19 to $200. There are also ignition and automotive switch services provided.

For example, if you need your actual ignition changed, the fee for this could range from $100 to $300. If you need a new key for your vehicle altogether, the price range would be the same. If you need a duplicate made of a key that you have in hand, the minimum would often come in around $59 but could go up to $300.

Each service estimate is for basic package responses. There are a few things that could affect your final price. However, regardless of the price, with the right company, you won’t be surprised by costs.

What Factors Affect Your Cost?

A car locksmith is a good resource for every driver to have because they don’t only help with traditional-style locks. When you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle, there are a few things that could affect the final price of your service bill. A few things could be;

  • Type of lock
  • Your actual location
  • Demand for lockout services at the time of your call
  • Overall availability of locksmiths

Keep in mind that most locksmiths offer 24/7 services so the time of day that you call or the period of the week isn’t necessarily what causes your price to increase. It’s how the time of day or week affects the availability of different services.

Think about it like this, if you’re locked out of your car at a busy time during the day with heavy traffic and a high number of inquiries before yours, you may notice a spike in price. One thing to remember is that this isn’t always the case for every company. Many companies have flat fees for their services.

This means that your price would stay the same on a Friday during rush hour as it would on a Tuesday morning. What you should do is ask the locksmith that you work with what their prices are.

Professional services will often be very transparent with pricing though, letting you know before dispatch, how much the service will be and why the price is what it is. You have to also take into account the service you’re in need of. This is the biggest factor in determining your overall cost.

What You Should Do When Locked Out of Your Car

A lot of the time, people will lock themselves out of their cars unintentionally and it’s a fairly common issue. When this happens, the first thing you should do is ensure you know where you’re located. After getting your location, you need to get to a safe place if you aren’t already in a safe area.

After ensuring your safety, call a car locksmith and give them the information they need to get to you and fix your issue. One of the top benefits of working with a designated locksmith is that they can be much cheaper than dealerships or towing companies. 

What Not to Do in This Situation

How there are things you want to make sure you do in the case of a car lockout, and there are also things you don’t want to do. First, you never want to stand outside in a dangerous area while you figure out the problem. This doesn’t have to mean crime.

This can mean not standing on the side of the road at night when drivers may not see you and not standing outside during adverse weather when visibility’s compromised. 

Also, while you may think getting into your vehicle is something you can DIY, it’s best not to. You may be more likely to damage your vehicle by doing this. You could also prolong the process of having the incident resolved. 

Getting Access or Regaining Access With Less Hassle

Getting locked out of your car can be stressful. Depending on where you are and what you may have going on, it could make the situation worse. Instead of prolonging having the issue fixed, use a dependable car lockout service in San Antonio.

By calling San Anton Locksmith when you’re in a bind, you will get fast service and 24/7 coverage. We have licensed, bonded, and insured repair technicians that will respond to your incident prepared to reduce your anxiety levels in this situation. Request a service today or find out more about what we offer.